[Reggae] “No Love Allowed” – Rihanna


It’s been a long time since Rihanna‘s first single Pon De Replay was released on her 2005 album Music From the Sun. Her island tracks have rarely seen the sunlight since then but don’t fail to make at least one appearance on her following records.

As Rude Boy came onto the scene in 2009 and Man Down in 2011, Riri makes sure to get her hands on at least one reggae track to show off her island roots on every album she drops.

Here enters No Love Allowed, her token reggae hit on her latest 2013 album Unapologetic. The rhythm is smooth and played to a slow bass as she sings – in her Barbadian twang – about a cold-blooded lover:

Like a bullet your love me hit me to the core
I was flying ’til you knocked me to the floor
And it’s so foolish how you keep me wanting more, eh
I’m screaming murderer, how could you murder us
I call it murder, no love allowed.

Better luck with her next beau? Let’s hope so.


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