[Neo-Soul] “I Want You” – Erykah Badu


This post is dedicated to my new-found love for Ms. Erykah Badu, the R&B and neo-soul singer with a voice like gold. I have to thank a friend of mine who re-introduced me to her music – it’s all I’ve been grooving to this weekend.

I Want You is 10 minutes and 54 seconds of pure sex. Badu throws in a mix of various rhythms and a collaboration of soul, R&B and even electric guitar at the end. Her raw and raspy vocals add even more sex appeal – if you can handle it. It’s the type of track that you don’t really want to end because it just won’t… let… go.

This musical genius of a song is almost 11 minutes long, but who’s in a rush on a lazy Sunday? Trust me, it’s well worth your enjoyment.



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