[Pop] “Dress On” – Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Ladies and gentlemen… he’s baaaaaaaaack!

After 7 (very) long years of hibernation, Justin Timberlake has finally made his much anticipated come back. With the release of “Suit & Tie” earlier this year with the one and only H.O.V. (aka Jay-Z, my man), it is one of many to-be hits off the 20/20 Experience album.

Although there was some backlash about “Suit & Tie” not being “Justin-enough” with too much of a different, new/old school mix, this next little diddy should reaffirm your faith in the true Justified experience.

So wait until you hear “Dress On.” This is actually a bonus track off of JT’s 2013 album – and it will take you back to the days of Future Sex LoveSound, where you’ll hear a good amount of influence from his side kick Timbaland. It’s the type of JT/Timbo combination that will make you say “ahhhhh, now that’s the real Justin that we know!”

A few words of warning: be prepared to be seduced.